Views from the corner of Insurance & Marketing

From an executive management perspective when you think about marketing and insurance in a single thought process it is usually due to.

Hurricane Alex Heating Up

Hurricane Alex is heating up and heading closer and closer to the Texas border. This is freaking out the major.

Quality Service, Comprehensive Coverage and some Viral Marketing on the Side

Viral marketing is all the rage. The success of many products and brands demonstrated the eclectic power the digital media.

Effective Social Media Marketing in the Insurance Industry.

Effective Social Media Marketing in the Insurance Industry. First and foremost it is important to understand that much like traditional.

is your home ready for a flood?

The devastating flash floods that have killed over a dozen campers in Arkansas have the uninsured in Texas nervous for.

Surprise – State Farm’s Insurance Rates on the Rise in Texas (again)

Texas’ largest homeowners insurance provider has yet again decided to raise premium rates on policy holders. Is anyone else tired.

how social media can save your insurance agency

Facebook, twitter, and other social media channels are becoming increasingly important to the business world. And yes, that even applies.

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