Flood Claims Do’s and Don’ts

Dagley Insurance has been communicating closely with our major flood provider, Assurant Flood Insurance. If you haven’t started a claim, please be sure to call the claims line 800-423-4403, option 4

Do’s and Don’ts from Assurant Flood Insurance:

  • Do Take lots of photos/videos of everything, the more the better
    • For wall damage, you need to take a ruler or tape measure to show how high up the wall the water was, take a picture, from there you can cut out 2-3 inches above the line and remove and discard the sheet rock
    • For flooring damage, you need to keep a 4×4 piece of each room (padding included), everything else can be discarded
    • For contents, you need to take photos and provide as good of a description as you can (brand, year purchased, purchase price, serial number, etc.), you MUST keep the items and not get rid of them
  • Don’t wait for the adjuster to start repairing the property. Properly document via the steps above and start drying out affected area. You want to minimize the damage as much as possible and prevent possible mold growth.
  • Don’t wait to file a claim. Get in the adjuster queue right away.

We hope this information helps expedite repairs and your claim. Please understand that due to the catastrophic nature of this storm, this is a slower than normal process. We are working hard to keep you updated and well informed through the process.

Thank you for your trust in our agency.

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