New Years Insurance Resolutions

List of New Year's resolutions on paper with a penYou’ve probably made New Year’s resolutions for many years, but how often have those resolutions included insurance related goals? If you take a moment to reflect on some of your previous resolutions, you may discover that there is actually a way that they connect to your various insurance policies. You might want to plan a review of your insurance coverage each year.

Health goals
New Year’s resolutions often involve some type of health concern. The resolution may relate to weight loss, breaking a habit, such as smoking, or getting more physically active. While you’re contemplating health goals, you should resolve to check out your health insurance plan. There may be a plan that fits your current needs better than the one you have. Life changes such as divorce, the birth of a baby, becoming an empty-nester, and other changes are good reasons to re-evaluate your health insurance.

Homeowners insurance
A beneficial resolution for the new year would be to meet with your insurance agent to discuss the amount of coverage you have and the amount you need. You want sufficient coverage, but you don’t want to pay for more coverage than you need. Various home improvements can reduce your insurance rate. That might be the incentive you need to follow through with home improvement resolutions, such as installing a security system or making other improvements that could make you eligible for discounts. You also want to be sure you’re covered for any home upgrades or investments in art or jewelry that you’ve made.

Life insurance
You will not benefit by procrastinating over obtaining life insurance. There is a direct connection between your age and the cost of a life insurance policy. You can include obtaining life insurance and long-term disability insurance in your health-related resolutions for the new year.

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