Protecting Your Internet Security

Security concept: Locks on digital backgroundConnecting to the Internet can heighten your vulnerability to cyber-attacks. In addition to credit numbers, hackers can gain access to your tax returns and pass codes. They may even be able to totally disable your computer by infecting it with a virus. The following tips and strategies can help you avoid these issues.

Re-Think Your Passwords
Putting obvious words and codes as your passwords can make it easy for a hacker to gain entrance into your computer. You can strengthen your pass codes by incorporating special characters, numbers, and capitalizing letters.

Secure Email
Email is a viable way to stay in contact with family members, friends, and business associates. However, it can leave your computer unprotected and open to viruses. While you may have a trusted anti-virus program on your computer, your email recipients may not. You should also take care and never send your social security, credit card, and other important numbers through cyber-space.

Stay Alert to Phishing Scams
This method of fraudulent behavior uses fake Internet sites to gain access to your personal information. Most individuals think the businesses are legitimate and click on the links attached to the email. If you don’t recognize the address associated with the email, it’s best to delete it.

Shopping Safety
The Internet has made it easy to shop from the comforts of your computer. While it may be nice not having to travel from store to store, you need to ensure that the places you shop online are secure, especially when you use your credit card to purchase items. Symbols to look for at check-out include the locked padlock icon and a statement that reassures its customers that the site is secure.

Online Games and Activities
In addition to shopping, email, and work, most individuals use their PC for recreational purposes. Before you communicate with other gaming activity members, you want to make sure that your security software is up and running when you play games.

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