Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

187546681No one ever said that Halloween is just for kids. There are some fun parties that you can attend as a couple, or you can host your own party at home. You can also dress up to take your children trick or treating. Here are some couples costumes that will make the evening fun and festive for everyone.

Ketchup and Mustard
You can usually find these costumes at retail stores, or you can find plastic wrap that is of the corresponding colors. Add an additional treat by putting a hot dog or hamburger costume on your children.

Famous Couples
This is a costume idea where you can’t go wrong. Find a couple who you resemble or a couple who you enjoy. It could be someone from a television show, movie, or even from history. Try to get the details as realistic as possible so that others think you are really the famous pair.

Ken and Barbie
Take Halloween as a chance to make yourself look like dolls. One of you will be the masculine Ken, and the other will be Barbie with the long blonde hair and stylish clothes. You can step up the costume by creating a box with pink paint that will make each of you look like you haven’t been opened.

The Flintstones
Whether it’s Fred and Wilma or Barney and Betty, this is a costume idea for those who only have one small child. Dress the child as the one from the couple on the show. Make sure you add enough make up so that you have the stone age look.

Food Costumes
There are several food ideas for costumes as a couple. Walk together as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or become a tasty breakfast of eggs and bacon. You can also go as milk and cookies or a waffle and syrup.

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