Pumpkin Carving Safety Tips

pumpkinsPumpkin carving is a fun-filled activity that makes you long for Halloween year after year. However, it is important to exercise care and attention, as a little negligence can lead to serious injury generally involving wounds to the palm and fingers.

Pumpkins are tough and slippery, and can easily cause the knife to slip from the hands and cut in the wrong direction. Here are some pumpkin carving safety tips that can be used to avoid injuries:

Get Hold of the Right Tools
There are a number of specialty tools available on the market. You can also search for professional pumpkin carving tools online. There are also tools specifically designed for children. These tools come with all the safety features needed to carve the pumpkin. It is also easier and less time-consuming to use a dedicated tool for carving a pumpkin.

Carve before Removing the Pumpkin Top
This will keep you from using the knife inside out and cutting toward your hand. Also, before carving the pumpkin, stabilize it by holding the top and pointing the blade in the downward position.

Carve with Caution
Make sure that the room is well-lit. Don’t carve in a rush. If there is something else you must take care of, then tend to it before focusing on pumpkin carving. Rushing through it will only increase your chances of sustaining injuries. Also, ensure that your hands are clean and dry.

Stop Kids from Carving
Studies show that children are more likely to suffer from Halloween-related accidents. Don’t let them do the actual carving. If they’re eager to participate in the festivity, encourage them to mark the pattern using a marker. They can also assist with cleaning out the seeds and pulp after the actual carving is over. In any case, the carving must only be performed by an adult.

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