Things to Do During an Earthquake

broken roadIt’s something most people have never experienced. The ground begins shaking, the house begins to sway, and trinkets topple from shelves – an earthquake. However, even if you have never experienced one before ,there are a few steps you should take to make sure you’re prepared. Here’s what to do during an earthquake.

Drop down onto your hands and knees.
This action lowers your center of gravity much lower to the floor, reducing your chance of injury from falling. Also, it enables you to move relatively quickly if necessary.

Cover your head with your hands.
Especially if you are inside a building, you should cover your head and neck. This will protect them from falling objects on shelves or walls. If possible, crawl under a sturdy table or desk or other furniture that isn’t going to collapse on top of you.

Hold on to your shelter.
Earthquakes vary in intensity, but they can often be very intense. You should hold tightly to whatever shelter you have until the shaking stops. If you cannot stoop down, stand inside an interior doorway – the frame is secure enough that you can brace against it without danger of something falling on you.

Get off the road.
If you’re driving during the time of the earthquake, try to move away from traffic and get away from power lines and trees. Once you resume driving, be wary of hazards on the highway that may pose a risk to you or other drivers, such as fallen trees or telephone poles.

Knowing what to do in an earthquake may save your life. This is important material, even if you never expect to be in a situation where this information would be useful. Earthquakes can happen anywhere, at any time. Educating yourself on proper safety procedures could potentially save your life or the life of someone close to you.

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