Common Comprehensive and Collision Cases

Silver Chevy sedanIn addition to carrying mandatory liability and bodily injury coverage, drivers should understand the benefits of having other optional auto insurance.

Unrelated to any collisions with other vehicles, there are several common types of incidents that are likely to damage a vehicle. Such accidents would be covered under a comprehensive auto insurance policy. An outbreak of a fire can completely burn down a car in a matter of minutes. Malfunctions in the engine block sometimes lead to fires that can spread quickly and total an entire car. Comprehensive insurance pays for the replacement of a car that’s been burned by an accidental fire.

Vandalism is another category that is covered by comprehensive insurance. Rogue individuals might damage a car by forcefully throwing objects at it or using hand tools like hammers and shovels. Fortunately, drivers who have comprehensive coverage don’t have to stress out too much about such hooliganism. Broken windshields and mirrors are fully covered by comprehensive policies. Drivers should understand that auto glass is expensive to replace with out of pocket expenses.

Falling objects might damage a car that is parked, but such an incident is covered by comprehensive insurance. Heavy tree limbs could surely cause some serious impacts when they land on top of a vehicle. An air conditioner or other heavy items might fall out of a high rising building and land on top of a car’s hood or roof. Kids playing baseball in a local park might accidentally hit some nearby vehicles. All of these potential situations are fully covered by the “falling objects” category of comprehensive auto insurance.

Collision insurance is essential for getting compensation for any damage that relates to accidents between a car and other vehicles or obstacles. A crash into a light post or fence would be covered by collision insurance.

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