Russian Hackers Put You at Risk for Identity Theft

By Nathan Dagley

It’s happened again. A U.S. security company has uncovered yet another data security breach and it’s a big one. The New York Times reported that Hold Security uncovered a breach that may have compromised several million individuals’ information.

A Russian gang of hackers is responsible for the theft. Websites and companies targeted by the hackers have yet to be announced; however the number affected is estimated to be nearly 500 million email addresses and 1.2 billion user names and password combinations.

Our insurance agency has alerted clients and followers to several cyber security threats that have put our personal information at risk during the past year. From big names such as Target to local businesses like Specs and The Houstonian, data security has been in the headlines every few months.

Please make sure that you and your family are following the best practices for keeping your data safe. If you haven’t looked into identity theft protection the time is now. As an insurance agent, it’s my responsibility to make sure my clients are aware of the protection that is available to them. If you have any questions, please call our Colorado or Texas insurance offices for more information.

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