How To Save Money On Your Summer Vacation

Your summer vacation is a time to spend with your family. You shouldn’t have to worry about how much money you spend while you are on your trip. There are a few ways to save money so that you have more to spend on the fun activities you enjoy.

Use Daily Deals
If you have paid attention to sites like Groupon or Living Social, then you know that there are numerous deals for restaurants and attractions. When you know the dates of your trip, start watching these sites to get the best deals. This will also give you a way to find out what attractions are available in the city.dv1694021

Public Transportation
Save on gas money by using the public transportation offered in the city. Whether it’s a taxi or a shuttle bus, there are likely several options that you can utilize that will get you from your hotel to anywhere. Some of these modes of transportation might even be fun for children like a trolley car or light rail.

Student or Military ID
If either of these apply to anyone in your family, make sure the proper IDs are packed in your bags. You can save money at restaurants, attractions, and sometimes the hotel room simply for being in school or serving the country.

Get Groceries for the Room
Instead of going out to eat all of the time, purchase groceries for breakfast and snacks to keep in your room. Only eating out in the evening or if you have coupons will help you save money on food! Children might not want a lot to eat, so getting items to make a sandwich or a few snacks will keep them sustained until you do eat a larger meal.

Take Pictures
Unless it’s something unique and has a purpose, don’t waste money on souvenirs. Take pictures in front of landmarks and fun attractions. You can look back at the pictures to remember the trip and save money on things that simply take up room in the house.


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