The Houstonian Falls Prey to Cyber Attack Putting Guests' Info at Risk

By Nathan Dagley

If you are one of the several thousands of guests who staid at the Houstonian between December 28and June 20 then you must keep an eye on your online and financial accounts. The Houston hotel suffered a data breach that could have exposed your credit card information. However, this warning is not just for Houstonian guests. It’s a threat that every American faces.

This news comes on the heels of Target’s recent data security nightmare, which exposed the credit card information of thousands of customers. Specs, a Houston liquor retailer also experienced a similar attack that had been going on potentially since 2012 and was discovered this Spring.

Dagley Insurance & Financial Services has shared our concern regarding cybersecurity with you recently when we discussed the Heartbleed Bug, an overall internet data breach that could have exposed millions of Americans’ personal information. Identity theft protection has never been more important than now.

As always, you should monitor your accounts closely. Unless you’re planning to go off the grid and function on a cash only system, it’s imperative that you protect your assets and family with Identity Theft Protection. As a Houston area insurance agent for the past decade, I’ve seen the importance of having this added protection firsthand. Please do not wait until you find yourself the victim of a cybersecurity breach. Call our Houston insurance office today and ask about adding Identity Theft Protection to your insurance policy at 281-644-1000.

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