Car Emergency Kits 101

While driving on the road, you can never predict when you may be in an emergency situation. Whether your engine breaks down in the middle of nowhere, or you run out of gas during a road trip, it is crucial to have a car emergency kit. A car emergency kit is meant to help you if you are on the side of the road in a distressed situation. Read below to see what [astCompanyName] thinks you should be carry in your car emergency kits.

1. Cellular phone and car charger. Keep a cell phone handy because in some situations it can be your only way to get in touch with the police. If your phone is showing you messages like “no signal” keep trying to call for help regardless. Also, if you don’t have a charger, make the most out of your battery lowering the brightness and closing out all apps.
2. First aid kit. A small first aid kit can be a great help if you or a passenger is experiencing a medical injury. Small bandages can hold over somebody bleeding until and emergency vehicle arrives. Also, a first aid kit can be a place to keep insulin or EpiPens.
3. Flashlight as well as extra batteries. A flashlight can be very helpful at night if you need to pull over and operate on your car. For example, if you are attempting to change a flat tire at night, a flashlight will help you see clearly.
4. Petty cash. Having some cash on hand in your car can help you in a number of miscellaneous situations, such as taxi fares or buying supplies. Remember not to dip your hand into this petty cash!
5. Jumper Cables. Jumper cables can be an easy way to jumpstart your car battery as long as you have a second car to assist you. Keeping these in your car will get you out of a tough situation.
6. Water and snacks. Having a water and food can hold you over while you wait for help to arrive on the side of the road. Also, if you are in a hot environment, water will help you, and your passengers stay hydrated.
Carrying a car emergency kit is a part of being a well prepared driver. A kit will not only help in an emergency situation, but it is also a great practice to pass down to new drivers in your family. For any inquiries regarding auto insurance, feel free to contact our agents today at [astPhone].

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