Watch for motorcycles on the road

It’s May which means it’s Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.  You may think, “I do not have a motorcycle, so this topic does not really pertain to me.”  On the contrary, it is very important for everyone – especially those who do not ride motorcycles to be aware of those who are out there on motorcycles.  Unfortunately, the statistics surrounding motorcycles accidents are much higher than anyone would like to believe.

According to the United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 11% of all motor vehicle accidents in the United States involve motorcycles.  Being aware of motorcycles on the road can prevent future accidents and help get that statistic down.

When you are driving anywhere, remember that motorcycles may be present.  Whether you are a fan of motorcycles or not, you will want to know the rules motorcyclists have to follow.  It is important that motorcyclists abide by the laws as well.  Similar to car drivers, motorcycle riders need to signal when they are turning.  They also need to have working brake lights.

When you are driving behind a motorcycle, remember to keep your distance.  Motorcycles brake differently than cars and may stop much shorter than you realize.  Once you see brake lights, be sure to drive cautiously as the motorcycle will come to a stop much quicker than a car would.

If you would like more information on motorcycle rules and regulations for the state, please call us.  We can give you all the information you need so everyone can stay safe on the road.  And if you are thinking of getting a bike of your own, we can help insure it for you.  Just let us know what type of motorcycle you are interested in and we can find the right insurance policy to fit your new lifestyle needs.


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