Kids and outdoor fire pits

Now that spring has sprung, you and your kids will most likely be spending much more time outside.  One of the more recently popular events that families have been engaging in is having evening fires in small chimineas or fire pits in their backyards.  Sitting around a nice fire can be a wonderful bonding experience between family members.  Roasting marshmallows, singing songs and just enjoying the beauty of the flames can really set a wonderful relaxed mood.

But having a fire can be a real safety hazard to your home and property if you are not careful.  Be sure you always follow the proper safety techniques when you have a backyard fire.  Check the weather to make sure it is OK to have a fire at the particular time you are planning it.  Certain weather conditions may stop you.  Rain of course is not ideal, but excessively dry days are not good either.  Dry weather can make it much easier for surrounding areas to catch fire.  Wind is also a deterrent.  You want to have a calm, relatively dry, but not too dry day.

Make sure your children know how to safely maneuver around a fire.  They should always wear shoes and never run around the area.  Also, let them know the dangers of throwing things into the fire without permission.  While it might be “cool” to watch some things burn, it is also dangerous in some cases.  Sealed bottles, fireworks, or similar items could explode causing embers to go everywhere.

If you have any questions about fire pit safety and how fires could affect your home, please call us.  We can review your homeowner’s policy and give you helpful tips to keep everyone safe this spring and summer!  Fire pits can be a lot of fun if they are used safely.


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