How Can Insurance Protect You from a Lawsuit?

Being in the insurance industry as Dagley Insurance & Financial Services has for many years, we see a lot of unfortunate events. We do our best to educate our clients on the best insurance products to protect their family. When it comes to lawsuits no one expects to become a victim.

Consider this scenario:

  • Your auto insurance provides $300,000 of liability coverage.
  • A serious accident occurs in your vehicle, and you’re sued for $1.3 million resulting in a judgment against you.
  • Your insurance would pay up to $300,000 for a covered accident, but you would need to come up with the remaining $1 million.

If you had $2 million of coverage under an umbrella insurance policy, you would not need to liquidate your assets to pay the remaining $1 million in this example.

Personal liability insurance helps protect your wages, house, investments, cars and boats from being at risk if a serious accident occurs. Again, no one expects to become a victim. As insurance agents, we hate to see something like this happen to families. Personal liability insurance is something that we cannot explain its importance enough to our clients. Please don’t brush this aside. Not being prepared could place you and your family’s future in jeopardy. Ask your insurance agent about personal liability insurance today.

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