Dagley Insurance's 2014 Shamrock Award Winner

At Dagley Insurance & Financial Services, working hard to provide our insurance clients with the best experience possible is our top priority. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while doing it! Our Corporate Office staff in Katy walked in to find a very lucky St. Patrick’s Day treat for breakfast.


And because it’s not easy being green, our annual Shamrock Award (ok – so it’s the only one our office has given to date), was awarded to the best display of St. Patty’s Day attire.

Before we get to the winner, here’s a look at who participated in the wearing of the green.

Photo Mar 17, 10 50 25 AM



Dagley Insurance St. Patrick's Day Winner

The first ever winner of the Dagley Insurance Shamrock Award goes to… Mary Beth! You can’t see in the picture above, but she had on green bejeweled high heels. How could she not win? She shamrocked it.! (yes, we just used ‘shamrock’ as a verb). If there would have been a second place prize it would have gone to Davis who to his green to the next level by adding a lais and Kiss Me I’m Irish coozie. Nice touch. Now, if Davis would have worn the heels – the competition would have been on. Davis, you know what it takes for next year.

A big congrats to Mary Beth on the 2014 Shamrock Award!


Now what about those who forgot to wear their green on St. Patty’s Day? You have to wear a green feather boa and stand next to the creepiest leprechaun we could find. Isn’t our boss a great sport?



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