Is my fish tank covered?

A few weeks ago, we wrote about knowing what your homeowner’s policy covers and what it doesn’t before a claim situation arises. One thing in particular that always seems to come up when discussing homeowner’s insurance is whether or not it covers pets- specifically fish and fish tanks. There is no quick answer for this question as there are many aspects to pet ownership that come into play.

In regards to pets, the animals themselves are not covered for injuries or death. They are not considered named insured nor are they considered property. There is special pet owners insurance that will cover you for those types of claims. However, you will be covered in most cases for liability caused by your pet. That means if your cat escapes and tears up your neighbor’s prize winning rose garden, your insurance will most likely kick in to pay for the damage.

But pet fish have a bit of a different dynamic. They need a specific environment in which to live which can cause problems if something were to go wrong. If your fish tank were to break, the damage caused by that water could be extreme. Your homeowner’s policy may or may not cover the damage done by that water.

It is very important to review your homeowner’s policy to find out how it will cover you if you have pets. Of course, there are sources online to find out answers, but they may not be accurate in regards to your personal insurance policy. While policies are standard for the most part, each one has individual aspects that are particular to each insured. Call us if you need clarification on any questionable coverage you may not understand. We will let you know whether or not you already have coverage or if there is additional coverage you could obtain for your lifestyle needs.


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