Planning a garden this year?

Are you planning on having a garden this spring? If you have never had a garden before, it might seem like a very difficult task to undertake. However, it really does not have to be as hard as you think. Truth be told, all you need is a few plants, some good soil, sunlight, water and patience to make your garden prosperous this year.

With the official start to spring being March 20th, you have about a month left to plan your garden. If you want to start your garden all the way from seeds, you will need to start them now so they will be ready to get in the ground on time. Check out your yard to see where you want to plant your garden and buy your seeds accordingly. If your garden area has a lot of sun, you will want to check for seeds that are sun tolerant like most vegetables. If you have a shady area, you can look for ferns or hostas that prefer less sun. Follow the direction listed on the seed packets to get your garden on its way.

Once you have some roots and greenery started, you can till the area you want for your garden and plant the rooted seeds. You will want to keep an eye out for pesky animals that may find your new plants quite delicious. There are many different animal deterrents available to ward off those pests.

Of course, your homeowner’s insurance is available if you encounter any damage while tending to your garden. But if everything goes smoothly, you should have a bumper crop in no time. Enjoy the benefits of planting a garden this year. You may find that not only dose your garden provide oxygen for us to breathe and food for you to eat, but it provides happiness as well.


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