A Few Good Men…

When you see the Dagley Insurance and Financial Services name out and about in the community do you ever stop to wonder who is behind the scenes helping make our company great?  Well if you do, you are in luck, here is a little more personable look at the men that run our company.   I asked each of them what was the best thing of 2013 and what were their resolutions for 2014…below are their responses.
Looking back at 2013, Marcus felt his top moments were: spending quality time with his family, coaching his kids sports teams, and having a productive year at work!  In 2014 he plans to continue to spend quality time with family and stay in really great shape.
When asked about his favorite things of 2013 Paul took a while to narrow it down.  He finally decided on his tops of the year being: celebrating with his wife her 40th birthday, and coaching his son’s flag football team.  Paul does not make resolutions for the new year.  He believes if there is a goal worth achieving then it can start at anytime of the year.
Jim’s favorite times of 2013 include: a strong stock market (I think we can all agree that is a great one), having a great time with his family, and watching the Steeler’s football games with his parents. In 2014, Jim plans to eat a healthier diet including more organic foods (maybe you will see him at Whole Foods?), spend more time with his parents, and make sure his clients feel taken care of.
I did not even need to ask Jamey the best thing of 2013 as I already knew the answer, the birth of his beautiful son Noah.  Congrats Jamey!  What a perfect blessing.  In 2014, Jamey plans to continue to rehab his Achilles tendon to full recovery so he can get back on the basketball court again.
I believe these men work extremely hard to make this company great.  What is more impressive is every single one of them puts family first.  How lucky we are to have such capable men at the helm.  Cheers to making 2014 the best year yet!
Next week we will take a look at some of our female key players!
Jamey’s little guy Noah!

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