Cleaning up after the holidays

The gift giving holidays are coming to a close and if your house looks anything like ours, it is probably not as tidy as it is most other times of the year. There might be half-opened boxes of toys on the floor and clothes that need to be tried on in the corner of the living room. Even if you know where you want to put all that stuff, you may not have enough room to put it there without crowding everything that’s already in that spot.

It’s always a good idea to have a plan when it comes to organizing gifts after the holidays. First, separate everything into piles. You can decide how to separate them, but it might be easiest to start with piles for each person in your household. That way, they can pitch in to help much more easily. Once the items are with the right people, then each owner can decide what to do with his or her own stuff.

Before you place all the new items in their new homes, you might want to clear out some of your old things. Take inventory of your items and see what you want to keep and what you want to pitch. Donate useable items you no longer need to organizations like for a tax credit.

Also, before you fold everything and put it away take pictures of your new items to submit to your homeowner’s insurance policy inventory. It is much easier when you have pictures if you ever have to file a claim for your items.

Now you can put all your new items away and relax before the New Year gets here! …well, that is after you put away all those decorations that you so lovingly placed throughout the house. Best wishes for a wonderful New Year’s Eve and 2014!


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