Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet…


n-NEW-YEARS-RESOLUTIONS-large570If you are like many Americans you are already thinking about your New Year’s Resolution.
Unfortunately, most people who make a New Year’s Resolution will fail within the first month.  According to a study at the University of Scranton the odds are against us.
Resolutions kept for one week  75%
Resolutions kept for two weeks 71%
Resolutions kept for one month 64%
Resolutions kept for six months 46%
What can we do to make our New Year’s Resolution successful?
1. When making a New Year’s Resolution keep it simple, take baby steps.  If you have 50 pounds to lose it can seem overwhelming.  Instead have a goal to lose 8-10 pounds a month.
2. Make sure your goal is measurable and attainable.  Do not just say “I am going to be healthier” because this is not measurable, instead “I am going to be healthier by eating nothing processed or fried.  I am going to workout for at least 30 minutes 5 times a week.”
3. Create an action plan.  What steps are you going to take to achieve your goal?
4. Think about things that could hold you back.  Decide what you can do to counter any obstacle coming your way.
5. Motivate yourself.  Write your goals down.  Place them in places you look often such as a bathroom mirror.  Maybe think of an inspiring mantra you can repeat such as “motivate the mind and the body will follow”.
6. Enlist support.  Tell your goals to friends, family, coworkers…anyone who will help hold you accountable!
Good luck, you can do it!   We would be happy to keep you accountable, contact us at Dagley Insurance and Financial Services

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