Safe holiday party tips

This time of year, a lot of businesses have parties for their employees to celebrate a great year. However, some parties do tend to get out of control quite easily if they are not monitored. There are a lot of different claims that could arise from office parties if you are not careful.

If you would like to do something nice for your employees without worrying about liability or workers comp issues, use good sense when planning. Decide on a venue for your party that is outside of the work environment. Your employees will probably enjoy being able to talk with coworkers in a setting that is comfortable and away from the work atmosphere. Keeping the party away from the office can help separate the thought that it is a work function as well.

Unfortunately, some people can be harassed sexually at office parties when their significant others are not in attendance. Allow them to bring their significant other or a date to the party to make them feel more comfortable. Having spouses or dates with your employees will help keep it under control.

If you are planning on allowing alcohol at your party, be responsible. Do not allow anyone to drive while intoxicated. You can limit the amount of alcohol at the party by giving out drink tickets before hand and only allowing the drinks to be served by a professional bartender. Also, consider offering alternate means of transportation for your guests. The cost for a few taxis after the party is only a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of a possible lawsuit from a DUI after the party.

Have a great time at your holiday party with your employees this season. Just remember to always keep the safety of your guests in the front of your mind. Happy holidays!

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