Does your insurance cover you in other countries?

When you plan a trip, you know there are many things that need to be done before you can go on your merry way. When you plan a trip out of the country, there are even more things you need to accomplish besides just booking a flight and packing your suitcase. Here are a couple things you will want to think about before you plan your next trip out of the United States.

If you haven’t traveled in a while, you may not be aware that you now need a passport to go even to just Canada and Mexico. If you do not have a passport or it has been a while since you’ve used the one you have, you will want to find out about getting a current one. There is an application process that sometimes takes more than a month to complete. The sooner you can get that taken care of, the better. Luckily, if you are only traveling to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, or Bermuda, you can opt to purchase a less expensive passport card instead of the standard book. But if you are going anywhere else in the world, you will need to have the actual passport book.

Another thing to consider is your insurance. Do you know for sure that you will have coverage outside of the United States? It is certainly worth checking into. You will want to check the area you are traveling to and see what type of rules and regulations they have. For example, if you drive your car into Mexico, your United States car insurance may not cover you if you are in an accident there. You can always call us and we can go over your current insurance policies to see if anything additional will need to be added to protect you in other countries.


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