How do you feel about Halloween?

Some people really get into it with elaborate costumes, over the top decorations, and parties galore. Others go out trick or treating with their children during the evening and then enjoy answering the door for trick or treaters in their neighborhoods. Others still choose to opt out of the holiday and treat it like any other day. No matter what you choose to do on Halloween, it is important to be mindful of others who may be out there celebrating.

If you need to travel on Halloween, remember to keep an extra mindful eye on the roads. Kids will be out there running from house to house to fill their bags with candy. Most of them will be dressed in costumes -some of which will be hard to see. You will want to drive extra slow when you are in neighborhoods or areas where kids tend to trick or treat.

If your kids are the ones who will be trick or treating, give them some glow sticks or other lighted objects to carry with them. Put some reflective tape on their costumes and do not allow them to go in unlit areas. Teach them to save their candy until they get home so you can inspect it. When they get home, check to see if there are any unwrapped or loosely wrapped candies and throw them away. If you do not know where the candy came from, it is a good idea to always be extra safe.

If you are planning to stay home and wait for trick or treaters, make sure your front porch light is on and the path to your door is well lit. If you have any decorations outside, make sure they are fire safe and will not cause any issues with wandering trick or treaters. Keep everyone safe this Halloween!

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