Saving money tips

How cautious are you with your money? When you go to the grocery store, do you stick to generic brands and use coupons for the name brands you can’t live without? There are many different ways you can save money in your everyday life. Coupons and generic brands are just a few. Here are some other money saving tips for you to keep in mind:

  • Shop around. Whether it is for a small purchase like batteries or a large purchase like life insurance, it pays to research more than one type. You might find that generic batteries may have less energy life than those name brands, but the money you save is well worth it. In the same respect, one carrier’s life insurance policy may cost less than another’s, but it may not give the same amount of coverage. Always get more than one quote when you can.
  • Skip the frivolous items. Convenience store trips are, well, convenient. But that’s about it. Don’t wait until you absolutely need something and end up with the convenience store as your only option to purchase it. Sure, you can get a bottle of dish soap conveniently, but at what price? Let the dishes wait until the regular store opens.
  • On the flipside, the convenience store may have the best prices for certain items like milk or other dairy items. Some convenience stores are run by dairy farms so their dairy products are much cheaper than those you find in regular grocery stores. Know where to shop for the best price.

We know that keeping your money in your pocket is what is important. We want to help keep it that way. Call us with any questions on how to save on your insurance policies. We are here to help.

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