School Bus Safety Tips

School is about to start here in Texas which means school buses will be out in full force. Whether your kids ride the school bus or not, it is important to teach them all about bus safety. It is also important that you as an adult refresh your knowledge about bus safety as well. Here are some tips to help everyone stay safe around buses this school year:

• If your younger children will be taking the school bus, walk with them to the bus stop every day. Do not leave until they are safely boarded and the bus leaves.
• Teach your children where to stand when waiting for the bus. At least three giant steps back from the curb is the proper distance recommended by safety advocates everywhere.
• Make sure your child does not try to board or exit the bus while it is still moving. They should wait until it comes to a complete stop before moving.
• As a driver, you should always remember to slow down in school zones, obey the speed limit and always be alert for kids on the roadways during the school year.
• If you are following a bus, be extra cautious when they approach a bus stop. There could be children or other pedestrians walking where they really shouldn’t be.
• Do not pass a school bus that has its yellow or red blinking lights on. This means they are either about to stop or they are stopped to let children on or off.
• Try to avoid bus routes when commuting. Not only will you feel less annoyed when you have to start/stop many times, but you will be avoiding possible accidents. Avoiding accidents is the best way to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Stay safe out there and have a great school year!


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