How To Relieve Stress

Everyone gets stressed out sometimes. Sometimes it might feel like you are getting stressed more than other times. It happens. How you deal with stressful situations can really be the key when it comes to relieving your stress. The best thing you can do when you feel a stressful situation coming on is to take a minute to evaluate the situation and ask yourself a few questions.

Is it really that bad? Sometimes our bodies jump into “stress mode” before our brains have a chance to process the information being received. You may think you are hardwired to get stressed about certain situations without actually evaluating them. For example, say you get into a fender bender with someone. You might automatically feel your hands clam up and your heart race even though no one is hurt and there is no damage to either vehicle. Stepping back to realize that it really isn’t that bad can help calm you down.

Do I really need this stressor in my life? Simply removing certain stressors can do you a world of good. Is that pile of papers on your desk causing you to think about it every second? Move it to a spot that is out of sight. Does your cell phone constantly buzz with texts and Facebook updates making you check it every other minute? Turn off your notifications and put the phone away. Only allow yourself to check it at certain times of the day.

What can I change to make it better? Sometimes you can not remove the stressors in your life so you have to make small changes to better tolerate them. If you work in a high stress job, be sure you have a means to relieve that stress after work so you don’t carry it with you all the time. Be sure you have something in your life that calms you and makes you happy.


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