Five Tips to Prepare Houston Businesses for Hurricane Season

Did you know that 40% of businesses do not open their doors following a disaster? As a provider of business insurance, Dagley Insurance & Financial services considers this to be one of our most important roles in protecting you and your business.

Regardless of whether you are a business insurance client of ours yet, our Commercial Insurance Director wants to ensure that Houston business owners are prepared for hurricane season. Preparing your business for disaster is a little different than preparing your home.

Jamey shares information surrounding his five tips for hurricane preparedness and your business in this video below:

1. Develop a Communications Plan
2. Create an Emergency Assignment List for your employees
3. Secure documents and back up any computers or files
4. Have a commercial disaster kit on site
5. Know the vulnerabilities of your business

If we can ever provide you with a second opinion on your business insurance, please let us know!

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