TX Insurance Agency Recommends a Hurricane Emergency Plan for Your Family

As a Texas insurance agency we’ve experienced our share of hurricanes and then some! As Hurricane Season 2013 kicks off, we want to make sure our Texas insurance clients are prepared. In addition to having flood insurance, one of the most important proactive preparations you can do is to establish a family hurricane plan.

Our top three recommendations for putting together your family’s plan include:

Re-stock your hurricane emergency kit

For a complete list of items to include in the kit, make sure to read over our How to Create a Hurricane Emergency Kit post. You should have enough supplies to provide for you and your dependents for several days.

Establish a family point of contact

As families grow and segment it becomes more difficult to keep track of everyone in an emergency situation such as a hurricane. Deciding on a contact for extended family can be incredibly helpful for everyone to use as a point of check-in.  Consider also designating another family member outside your local area to contact in the event that communication within the community becomes difficult.

Decide on an evacuation destination

As many in the Houston Area are familiar, during Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Ike many evacuated the city. Some fled the area without a definite idea as to where they were going.Whether it’s staying with family, a hotel or a shelter, go ahead and think this through before you’re in the situation. If pets are included in your emergency plan, remember that many shelters and hotels do not allow animals.

This plan should apply to anyone who is dependent upon you in the event of a hurricane or emergency including kids, elderly relatives and pets. Maybe you’ve already got a plan including the three recommendations above. A more telling question is whether or not the rest of your family is aware of the plan. Make sure everyone is in the loop

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