Cinco Ranch Junior High Teacher Honored by 'Live with Kelly & Michael'

This is Teacher Appreciation Week across the U.S., but in Katy, Texas we’re shouting extra praise in the direction of one unique teacher. Suzette Steward teaches Special Education at Cinco Ranch Junior High and was honored yesterday on ‘Live with Kelly & Michael’ as winner of the Top Teacher Search which includes a prize of $25,000 going to her school. What a blessing not only for Suzette, but for Cinco Ranch Junior High as well!

As you watch the video of Suzette and the joyous faces of her sweet students, you can tell the impact that she makes in the lives of these kids.

Suzette goes beyond being their teacher during the school week. She has taken it upon herself to provide extra opportunities on weekends as well and has filled many gaps in the breadth of opportunities available to special needs children.

Suzette actually opened a camp for special needs children that she runs in her “spare” time. While many of us in the workforce look to weekends and holidays as time to relax, she uses this time to give back to the students. She’s amazing.

At Dagley Insurance & Financial Services, we want to add our thanks as well to the praise that she is duly receiving from around the nation. We thank Suzette for serving not only the students at Cinco Ranch Junior High, but also our entire community of Katy, Texas.

We are blessed to have such a wonderful woman in our midst. She is a hero. Oh, and did we mention that as part of the prize package Suzette will receive a vacation to Tahiti? It’s much deserved and we hope she enjoys it!

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