Take a Vacation! How to Rent a Motorcycle in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a great city for motorcycles, with a dry climate and long ribbons of empty road leading off into the desert. Some local rental agencies even specialize in renting motorcycles to visitors. In Nevada renting a motorcycle is a lot like renting any other vehicle: the operator has to have the right kind of driver’s license, and the agency will want renters to have insurance and leave a deposit. After that, the open road beckons. If you will be taking a vacation this summer and plan on riding in Vegas, read on.

Choosing a rental motorcycle

While a purchased bike has to meet all its owner’s riding needs, a rental can be a little more specialized, Las Vegas visitors may rent top of the line Harley-Davidson cruisers or high performance Ducati racing bikes. These luxury rides might not be appropriate for everyday use back home, but they can be a big part of a memorable vacation. Of course, bikers will want a motorcycle that matches their skill level, so rental agencies have less extravagant machines available as well.

Decide to go solo or join a tour

Experienced bikers may rent a motorcycle for independent exploration of the Las Vegas scene, but other options exist. Motorcycle tour packages that include the use of the bike and a knowledgeable guide are available from many operators. For those with a linear itinerary, some agencies offer the opportunity to pick up a bike in Las Vegas and drop it off in another city entirely.


To rent a bike, the rider must get insurance. Rental agencies offer coverage as part of their package, but other options exist. A visitor who already has a policy to cover vehicles back home may find that their established agent has some innovative ideas that will help them stay protected while riding a rental motorcycle in Las Vegas, and may very well be able to help save some money on insurance that can be applied to other parts of the vacation.

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