Pest control and your RV

If you own a recreational vehicle (RV) you know how fun they can be on camping trips or even just for weekend sleep-outs in the driveway.  You may also know how UN-fun it is to find an unwanted guest like a rodent or swarm of bees when you enter the RV for the first time in a season.  Before you gas her up and take her on her first camping trip this year, don’t forget to do a little maintenance.

First things first, do a little walk through of the cabin to see if there are any signs of vermin or insects.  Ripped upholstery, loose stuffing, animal droppings, or piles of food laying anywhere could be a good indication that your RV has an infestation problem.  

You will want to check all the valves, gears and hoses to make sure animals did not bite through them over the winter as well.  Animals like to make camp in warm places out of the wind and harsh weather.  Do not be surprised if you find animals living in the engine area of your RV.  Clean the RV as best you can and talk with an exterminator about how to safely fix the problem.  

Once your RV is up and running smoothly, make sure you have the best RV insurance coverage you possibly can.  Give us a call for a competitive quote.  You may find that you do not need to pay a lot of premium to get a lot of coverage.  Your coverage may even help with any damage done by those rodents!  If you have any questions about RV insurance or need some pointers on how to keep animals out during the winter, give us a call.  We can help you get the most out of this spring RV season.

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