Spring time sports and your kids

Do you have a little one just itching to get out on the sports field?  Maybe you have a baseball star on your hands or the next Pele on the soccer field.  Whatever sport your child decides to play this spring, make sure he or she is doing it safely.

One of the biggest things to keep pushing is hydration.  It might be hard to keep your child hydrated when he is running around having a good time out there.  But when the coach calls for a water break, make sure your child gets a few sips in regularly.  Even on those days when it doesn’t quite feel too warm out, steady water intake is important.  Don’t let your child wait until he is thirsty to take a drink because thirst is one of the first signs of dehydration.

Also, teach the importance of listening to the coach’s instructions.  Most injuries happen when something is done incorrectly.  That is usually the result of players not listening properly to their coaches.  Let your child know that the coach’s instructions are vital to the game and that without them people could get hurt.  

Teach your child not to be a bully on the field.  Playing fairly and by the rules is the best way to stay safe.  The same holds true for YOU on the sidelines.  Show your child the right way to be a good sport.  Fighting with the referee or other parents about a game is not the way to show good sportsmanship.  

Most importantly, makes sure your child wears the right protective gear for the game he’s playing.  If shin guards are required, make sure he’s wearing them every single time.  They are required for a reason.  Also, check the equipment regularly to make sure it fits properly and isn’t broken or worn out.  Stay safe out there this spring!


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