Is using your smartphone dangerous?

Using a smartphone can be incredibly convenient and easy when you need to get some things done.  You can use your phone to make reservations, get directions, call your friends, check movie times, schedule an appointment, send emails and even play music.  There are apps for just about anything you can think of out there.  But how many of them are truly safe?

When using your phone to input personal information, you should always be wary of how you do it.  Unless you are using a completely secure phone (which is quite hard to determine) and a virus-free app you may be putting your information out there where it can be easily taken.  When you buy apps, make sure you are buying them from a reputable source like iTunes or other app stores that offer guarantees.  If you buy them from unknown sources, you could be purchasing infected software that could use your personal information.

It is better to save all the personal information exchange for your home computer and a private connection.  Using public Wi-Fi could make it much easier for criminals to intercept your personal information and use it for reasons you would rather not have them use it for.

Remember that using your phone may feel safe, but you should always know that it can be compromised quite easily.  Before you enter information into your keypad, think about what would happen if that information got into the wrong hands.  Be sure of what you are sending and who you are sending it to at all times.

Also, check with your insurance agent to see if there is anything you can do to protect yourself from identity theft.  Your finances could be in danger if you do not know how to protect them and yourself.

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