Will Signing a Waiver of Liability Affect My Insurance?

If you have ever been to a venue that required you to sign a waiver of liability, you already know what they are.  Essentially waivers of liability state that you as the undersigned understand the risk you are taking and therefore accept responsibility for anything that could go wrong.

Signing a waiver like that may not really affect your life at all.  The probability of anything going wrong is very slim.  However, with the slight chance that some thing could go wrong, companies need to put them out there.  Those slim chances could add up to a lot of money being shelled out by a company that may not have the resources to pay.  Higher risk operations usually have higher costing claims.  One large claim against them could bankrupt them.  

But before you sign without really reading the form, really check it out.  If you are concerned about the content, give your insurance agent a call.  In some cases, your insurance may not cover you for accidents that happen while engaging in some activities.  If you sign a waiver that puts all responsibility on you, just make sure you have the insurance or financial means to cover the risk.  

For example, if you were to have an accident while climbing at an indoor rock climbing establishment after you signed the waiver, would you be able to pay for your injuries?  Signing the waiver will have taken any ownness of the accident away from the establishment.  Therefore you would be responsible for all claims yourself.  It is definitely something to think about.  

We would be happy to help you with any questions regarding liability or waivers.  Give us a call with all your concerns.  We can tell you if you will be covered for all those risky things you are thinking about trying.


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