Lower Your Susceptibility to Katy Car Burglaries

As your trusted insurance agency in Katy, Texas we want to make sure that you’re aware that lately the Katy Area has experienced a rash of car burglaries at two local restaurants near Grand Parkway and Westpark Tollway.

According to local news, the thief got away with the usual items: checkbooks, laptops, iPads and prescription medications. As of now, the culprit is still at large. So what can you do to make yourself a less likely target for a car burglary or theft?

It’s a no-brainer, but get a car alarm! Better yet, get a system that notifies you when it goes off.

Don’t tempt the thieves. Keep valuable items out of sight. If you absolutely must have one of these items with you, put it in the trunk, but make sure you do so before you reach your destination.

Purchase a starter disable switch. The thief will be at a dead stop if he’s trying to steal your car. Just make sure the switch is hid very well.

Don’t display decals that give insight into the type of car alarm your car employs. This will allow thieves to go through their mental playbook before they even begin their job.

Look for parking places that are near entrances if you’re at a restaurant, movie theater, mall, etc.

Even if you plan to run into a gas station, house or any pit stop really quickly, do not leave your car unlocked or running. Thieves are watching for these specific actions.

Take your purse with you inside the gym. Burglars are on the lookout for those that walk into the gym with only their water bottle and towel. From observation, they now know there’s a pretty good chance you left your wallet in the car.

If you do everything on this list does that mean you’re no longer susceptible to car theft or burglary? Of course not! If a thief really wants to break in, he will. However, the point of these tips is to place as many deterrents in front of him as possible.  The more hurdles a thief has to overcome make you a

not so easy target. Also, the more time it take for a thief to complete the job means they also have more time to get caught before fleeing the scene.

Stay alert at all times and play it safe!

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