A Houstonian's 5 Tips to Becoming A Walkstar

Ministry_of_Silly_WalksThe Houston Area gets a lot of heat for the seemingly ever-present humidity during much of the year, but Spring is sure to please. And it’s just around the corner! In the last few weeks of February, American Heart Month, the staff at Dagley Insurance & Financial Services would like to encourage you take advantage of the beautiful weather and get moving.

Nearly 600,000 Americans die each year from heart disease; this is one in every four deaths. It’s the leading cause of death for both men and women. Physical inactivity can increase your chances of heart disease. Did you know that exercising for as little as 30 minutes per day can reduce your risk of heart disease? Just 30 minutes! That’s half the time of your favorite TV show.

Here are five ways you can increase your physical activity by making a few small changes each day.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator

It’s simple, but it works to get your heart rate up the blood circulating!

Part with your house cleaning and lawn services

What?! Many of you are crying ‘sacrilege’. You work hard all day at the office or at home and you deserve the extra help. We get. But you might be surprised how many calories you’ll burn and muscles you’ll tone while maintaining your flowerbeds and vacuuming. Just think – you can use the extra money you save to get a new bathing suit for the summer! It’s a win-win for your waistline and your budget.

Walk your dog

Someone wise once said that your dog is like a treadmill with fur. And who doesn’t love the kisses of thanks you’ll get at the end of the walk from your favorite fur ball.

Office worker by morning, Walkstar at lunch

Use your lunch hour wisely. Instead of catching up on Facebook or People Magazine, lace on those tennis shoes and take a walk. Better yet, ask a co-worker to come along.

Take your favorite show to the gym

Most gyms have several TV’s either in front of the cardio equipment or an individual screen per treadmill. If you have a favorite show, watch it at the gym instead of on your couch. Plus, you begin to notice others that keep the same exercise and viewing schedule. Downton Abbey viewing party, anyone?

We’re making changes at our office for better health and hope you will do the same. If you have any tips for our insurance clients and readers, please chime in!

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