Your CO & TX Insurance Agent’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Dinner

Bananas Flambe

Culinary ambition tends to rear its head around the holidays. And Valentine’s Day is not exempt. At Dagley Insurance, we get it: you want to impress your significant other with a romantic dinner made by yours truly.

Well, let us just say that there are four words that leave your insurance agent choking on their conversation hearts: homemade dinner by candlelight.

You’re shooting for love in the air, not smoke. So before you turn on the heat and begin preparing the menu for Valentine’s Dinner 2013 Extraordinaire, as your local insurance agent we have a few pieces of advice:

  1. Locating the fire extinguisher isn’t a bad idea.
  2. If it’s broiling, sauteing, frying, or grilling stay in the kitchen and if you plan to leave for even the tiniest little moment, turn off the heat.
  3. If it’s boiling, baking, simmering or roasting don’t leave the house. The leading cause of kitchen fires is due to unattended cooking.
  4. Use a timer. Nothing says romance like burnt risotto.
  5. Oven mitts, packaging, dishtowels, anything that could potentially catch fire should be kept away from your stove top.

Think twice before attempting flambé dishes such as bananas foster or cherries jubilee. Julia Childs would appreciate your tenacity, but your local insurance agent might think differently. And as always, to completely avoid all of the above, you could just opt for dinner out.

At Dagley Insurance, we don’t stop at saving our clients money on their auto insurance; we like to save their Valentine’s Day too.

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