Katy's Do Work Foundation Re-Launches Do Work Saturdays

Fraternity of One Works has re-launched Do Work Saturday as part of the Do Work Foundation. The first Do Work Saturday began January 12th of this year and we look forward to many productive Saturdays for our Katy youth in the future. At Dagley Insurance, there is nothing we love more than seeing our Katy and Houston Area youth gather together to make our community a better place.

The Do Work Foundation joins together Katy Area youth with similar interests in sports to work together as a family to achieve not only athletic goals, but leadership goals as well. Fraternity of One (FO1) volunteers help to build the character and work ethic of our local youth. The program specifically focuses on the positive development of five influential areas: physical, spiritual, mental, financial and social.Fraternity of One Katy TX

Do Work participants are held accountable on and off the field. In addition to improving their athletic skills, they are held responsible for positive work done at home, in the classroom and in our community.

Do Work is the heart of FOI Sports and is the foundation of FOI principles. Not only do these youth develop positive friendship built on teamwork, they also will begin to understand the value of physical service to their community.

This year the Do Work program will be limited to the first 100 participants at a monthly fee, including 18 sessions throughout the year. As Do Work is a part of Fraternity of One Sports, the monthly fee for those in 6th grade and under will also include discounted rates for FO1’s Fall Football Season.

Dagley Insurance & Financial Services is a proud sponsor of Katy’s FO1 Sports and the Do Work Foundation. For more information on how your child can benefit from the Do Work Foundation or how you can become a volunteer, please visit www.FO1.org.

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