Katy ISD Gives 'Obra D. Tompkins High School' the Go Ahead

At Dagley Insurance, we are proud to partner with Katy ISD and look forward to the growth that is on the Katy community horizon.

Katy Independent School District has a growth rate of 76 percent over the past decade, which is the second fastest growth rate among large school districts. To meet this growth, our educational facilities must grow as well.1

Attendance Boundary Modification according to Katy ISD website. http://www.katyisd.org/Pages/HS7.aspx

The KISD Board of Trustees officially deemed the newest campus addition to Katy Independent School District, ‘Obra D. Tompkins High School’ last week.  This was upon the recommendation of the KISD School Naming Committee and after opening up the conversation to the community at a public forum.

O.D. Tompkins is a retired KISD educator whose reputation for integrity and strong leadership was echoed throughout the naming process.

The new campus will open in August 2013 to freshman and sophomores only at the corner of Falcon Landing Boulevard and Gaston Road in Katy.

At Dagley Insurance & Financial Services, we are excited to see what’s in store for the Obra D. Tompkins High School and the Katy community as a whole!

For more information regarding Obra D. Tompkins High School, please visit the Katy ISD website.

1American School and University Magazine.


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