Be Sure to Check your Locks

Are the locks on your front door giving you the most protection they possibly can?  If you ever put the key in and notice you have to jiggle it a little for it to unlock the door or the key does not quite fit right, you may need to have them checked out.  A broken lock is an easy target for would be burglars looking to enter your home.

Usually a jiggly key means the inner workings of the lock may be broken.  Enlisting the help of a professional locksmith can really set your mind at ease.  A professional locksmith can pull the lock apart and see if it can be fixed.  In a lot of cases, it is easier to replace the lock completely.  There are so many different locks available that can offer you security and look pretty doing it.  By getting a new lock, you may also be giving your front door a facelift.

It may even prompt you to redo all the locks throughout your house.  After watching the locksmith replace the first one, you may even be able to complete the job on your own.  Once you’ve seen someone do it, the task may seem much less daunting than it originally did.  You can purchase locks at your local hardware store or big box home improvement store.  Some stores even offer classes on installing locks if you are still unsure after watching the locksmith.

No matter who checks your locks – whether it is done by you or a professional- just make sure it gets done.  Your locks are there to protect you.  Like anything else, they can not do their job if they are not working properly. When doing routine maintenance on your house, don’t forget to check out your locks at the same time.


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