Getting Back to the Daily Routine

Now that the holidays are over and everyone is back to work and school, it might be a good time to try and get your house back in order.  You may have already put away your holiday decorations and cleaned the house, but with all those new gifts lying around you might notice that some of the older things you own do not fit anymore.  Great time to go through your belongings and see what could be donated elsewhere.  Whether it is an old sweater that no longer goes with your wardrobe or an end table that does not match your new armoire, you can find a place for them.

Before you decide on throwing anything out, look at it thoroughly.  Is it in good shape?  Is it still useable?  If so, set it aside and try to find a home for it.  You can look through your local phone book to see if any services are available to pick it up.  Also, checking online for websites that offer pick up can help too.  Ask your friends.  Post it on your social networking pages.  You may be surprised at how many hits you get.

In fact, a lot of communities have started online “yard sale” sites where people can post items they would like to sell.  They seem to work well for a lot of people.  You may be able to post a photo album of your items and get a little cash for them in the process.  The turn around time for these sites is quite remarkable and you know your items will be getting good use.

Once you’ve cleaned out your home of all those unwanted things, you can get started on those New Year’s resolutions -whatever they might be.  Here’s to a great New Year for everyone!


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