Everything in Moderation this Holiday Season

With all the holiday treats lying around your home and office, you might be tempted to indulge a little more than you normally would.  That’s OK.  Hey, it IS the holiday season, right?  As long as you eat those foods in moderation, you will be just fine.  The problem a lot of people have is that they overindulge.  Eating too much of any good thing can be bad for you- even the healthy stuff!  Yes, too many apple or oranges can make you sick, too.  Filling up on a variety of good-for-you foods before hitting that cookie plate can really help keep your health in order.

Also, you can try making lighter versions of the rich treats you love to help keep you on track.  Try adding only half the amount of chocolate chips to your cookie recipe.  Or substitute apple sauce for some of the oil you normally use in that brownie mix.  Add extra nuts or raisins to your oatmeal cookies.  Switch Greek yogurt for sour cream in your dips.  And try vegetables instead of chips when dipping.  You will be surprised that you probably won’t even notice a difference and you will be saving yourself a bunch of fat and unnecessary calories.

Also, to maintain your healthy weight try to keep up with your exercise routine.  It might feel easier to skip it with all the hustle and bustle of the season, but it will really help keep you in check if you get those 30 minutes or so in each day.  You will feel refreshed and more energetic for conquering the last of that holiday shopping you need to do!

So remember, while it’s OK to have a few of those holiday cookies, you need to stop at just a few to stay in shape.  Yes, round is a shape but let’s let the big guy in red up at the North Pole keep that as his signature figure.


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