Are you Insured Enough for the Holiday Season?

With the holidays coming, you might want to give your insurance policies a quick review.  There are several things that could come up around the holidays that might require the need to file an insurance claim, so you want to be sure you have enough coverage just in case.

Have you noticed that it gets a little more hectic than usual around the holidays?  People seem more in a rush than they normally are at different parts of the year.  It must be because we all feel the end of the year coming up and the need to get everything done feels much greater.  With all that rushing around, the chance of getting into a car accident is much higher than other times.  Just driving into the mall parking lot can be hazardous.

Even staying home can be more dangerous around the holidays.  All those decorations, wrapping paper and gifts lying about can really add to the fire potential in your home.  Be extra careful to keep your tree well watered so it doesn’t dry out.  An under-watered tree can catch fire quite easily.

And having all those guests around the holidays may require you to review the liability section of your policy much more thoroughly than you ever have before.  Before you have that holiday party, check your policy to make sure you will be covered if something were to happen to one of your guests.  Just a slip on the ice on your walkway can turn into huge medical bills you weren’t expecting to pay.

Before it gets to crazy with holiday spirit out there, pull out those policies and give your agent a call.  Even if you have already renewed them for the year, it is worth really taking a minute or two to review them with your agent.


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