Dagley Insurance Speaks to Katy Taylor High School Marketing Classes

Katy Taylor High SchoolOne of our favorite areas of service at Dagley Insurance is involvement within our local schools. This week we had the opportunity to speak to the students of Mrs. Walker's Sports & Entertainment Marketing classes at Katy ISD's Taylor High School and we have to say, it was definitely a highlight of our week.

Our Director of Marketing spoke to three different classes about the importance of digital marketing. We talked about social media, email and mobile marketing. And of course, we had to throw in a few Bieber references to bridge the age gap. These students were about five years old when Facebook came out!

It was interesting to hear their opinions on digital marketing. We polled the audience on several marketing hot topics. Here's the general conse


They don't see email marketing as being effective in the future. Only half of the students have an email address and mainly it is only

used for school purposes. They use social media to communicate with their friends. Will this change when they reach college and enter the work force? They're not there yet, but it will be interesting to see if they change their mind.

They think Facebook is on it's way out. Remember, for most of their lives Facebook has been around and guess who's on Facebook now? Yup, it's their parents and even grandparents. They prefer Twitter and Instagram.

It was so much fun to hear their take on our digital world. They're not sure what will replace Facebook or email, but they think something else is on it's way. They're probably right.

With this, we extend a big thank you to Mrs. Walker's Sports & Entertainment Marketing classes. These students have a brilliant future ahead and we are so proud to say that they are the future of Katy, Texas.


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