How to Prevent Motorcycle Insurance Claims

Riding a motorcycle can bring hours of enjoyment. However, motorcycle accidents are particularly dangerous often leading to serious injury to riders and extensive damage to the motorcycle itself. Practicing safe riding helps to reduce the need for motorcycle insurance claims.

When riding a motorcycle, always ride with the headlight turned on. This is the law in many states. Riding with lights on helps the motorcycle to be more visible to other drivers. If drivers can see the motorcycle, it prevents one of the most common motorcycle versus car accidents that occurs when cars pull out in front of motorcycles from side roads and driveways.

Always signal properly when making turns or changing lanes. This is important when driving any vehicle. If your signals aren’t in working order, get them repaired. At the very least, use hand signals.

Don’t weave through traffic or try to squeeze between cars. Many motorcyclists think that they can fit their bikes into tiny spaces. What most motorcyclists need to realize is that lack of visibility is one of the major causes of motorcycle accidents. Don’t be in a place on the road that another driver wouldn’t normally expect you to be.

As with all driving, driving a motorcycle at a safe rate of speed cuts down on accidents and potential insurance claims. When driving at a high rate of speed, reaction times are shorter leaving the motorcyclist with less time to perform the proper action needed in an emergency situation. When out on a motorcycle, it is very important to pay attention to speed in relation to road surfaces. Motorcycles should always be operated at a cautious rate of speed on bumpy, uneven and gravel roads.

Finally, although it isn’t always very popular with motorcyclists, wearing a helmet is one of the best ways to avoid injury claims on motorcycle insurance. Many states don’t require riders to wear helmets, but a helmet prevents head injury.


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