Wedding Insurance Anyone?

Fall is in the air and wedding season is winding down, but that doesn’t mean the season isn’t popular for weddings. In fact, fall is one of the most popular seasons for weddings.  When you get married, you hope for the day to be perfect in every aspect.  What happens when everything doesn’t go as planned?  What if your caterer doesn’t show up?  Or the church has an unexpected fire the day before?  Talk with your Texas or Colorado insurance agent about looking into a wedding insurance policy to protect you and your big day from tragedy.

Wedding insurance covers a ton of unexpected problems that could occur during the course of your wedding day.  You or your fiance may get sick and can’t make it up the aisle on the scheduled day.  Your policy would most likely cover the postponement charges you might incur from your party vendors.

Policies are typically between $125 and $500 to purchase.  You can shop around to find one that suits your taste just like you might be doing with your wedding cake.  Considering weddings typically cost over $25,000 these days, it might bring you peace of mind (as much as to be expected when planning a wedding) to know that any mishaps will be financially covered.

Sometimes the weather doesn’t agree with your choice of wedding dates.  If a huge storm decides to rear its ugly head and you need to reschedule, your wedding insurance policy will cover it.  What if your officiant doesn’t show up?  It’s probably not a “sign” you shouldn’t get married, it’s probably more likely that he can’t find the place.  Your wedding insurance policy will cover that, too.

Talk to your insurance specialist about protecting your wedding day with a wedding insurance policy.  No, you won’t be protected if you get cold feet, but you’ll be protected from just about anything else that prevents you from getting married on your special day.


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