How Much Do You Drive?

If you are on the road a lot, you can find yourself growing tired of the same old routes.  It can be sort of boring to drive the same way every day to and from work, can’t it?  If you find yourself driving on auto-pilot most of the time it might be time to find an alternate way to get around.  Driving the same way every day can cause you to pay less attention to the road, which is something that you should always be doing.

Being distracted while driving is one of the most common causes of accidents.  Lately we hear a lot of talk about cell phones and texting while driving which of course is not safe.  But there are definitely other ways to be distracted.  When you drive to a destination and realize you don’t quite remember how you got there because you were paying attention to other things the whole trip, that’s just as dangerous.  It means you could have missed something important.

When that happens, try taking a different street when you are going home next time.  It will cause you to pay more attention to the road.  It might seem like a silly thing, but it could really help prevent accidents.  When you are not paying attention, you risk having slower reaction times when they are needed most.  You might be deep in thought about tomorrow’s big meeting when that soccer ball rolls out in front of you.  You don’t want to miss hitting the brakes.

If you find yourself driving distracted a lot, try making that small change to a different route and see if it helps.  You might be surprised at how much more alert you are behind the wheel.  It could really help you to be much safer on the road.


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