Fall Sports and Your Kids

Summer is over and fall sports have begun.  If the weather agrees, a lot of weekends for parents will be spent sitting in bleachers or folding chairs on the sports fields watching their kids play numerous games.  While watching the kids is fun, it is never fun to see when someone gets hurt during a game.  

Keeping kids safe on and off the sports field should be a high priority.  New kids might not understand the rules, so it’s our job to teach them.  Even kids who have been playing sports for a while are at risk of getting injured out there.  It’s important that we remind them occasionally about sports safety, like wearing helmets and drinking water.  

Wearing protective gear is very important.  Every sport has some.  Even runners wear special shoes to protect their feet from blisters.  Football players have helmets, numerous pads, mouth guards and cleats.  Hockey players have skates and sticks, but they also have tons of padding, helmets and mouth guards as well.  Soccer players have shin guards and cleats, too.  Knowing what gear you should be wearing is the best way to prevent accidents from happening on the field or rink.

Consuming enough water is also extremely important.  A lot of kids wait until they are thirsty to drink.  Waiting until they are thirsty means that their water level is already too low.  Thirst is the body’s way of tell you that you are missing something.  Instead, tell you child to just drink water periodically throughout practice and games to that his level will always remain good.

Keep your kids safe out there and they will probably have the season of their lives.  Injuries are no fun, so make sure your child always wears his protective gear and drinks enough water at all times.  


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