Fall Clean Up for your Texas Home

Fall is a great time to get your house in order.  It has been a wonderful summer, but it’s time to buckle down and get those chores done that you’ve been putting off.  How long has it been since you’ve cleaned your gutters?  Changed those smoke alarm batteries? Walked the perimeter of your home?  Today is as good a day for it as any.

Dust the cobwebs off that old ladder and pull it out of the garage.  Place it in a safe spot and go up to check those gutters.  They need a good cleaning as leaves and other debris are probably clogging them up.  Take out everything and throw it down to the ground.  Once you’ve cleaned out the junk, make sure water can flow through properly by spraying the garden hose down the spout.  When you’re done, don’t forget to unclog the bottom of the drainage spout that might be in your lawn somewhere.

Now take a trip inside and take out all the batteries from your smoke detectors.  Replace them with new ones and dispose of the old ones properly.  Do not just throw them in the garbage.  Call your local municipality to find out how to get rid of them safely.  Some places ask that you bring them to the dump and place them in a specific bin while other places require you to mail them away to a recycling plant.

Next, walk around the perimeter of your home to see if any trees need pruning or if there are any cracks in your walkways or foundation.  Fix all those things and you’ll be all set to watch the football game this Sunday.  Relax in front of the TV knowing that you’ve taken care of all those little things you’ve been meaning to get to.


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